Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy people have friends with flesh and bones

Here is a brief article that is interesting as it pertains to our relationships in our culture, and the difficulty of being missional in it.

The gist, unhappy people comfort themselves with television while happy people watch less TV and hang out with real people in the flesh more. This is another reason why I should never feel bad about rants against television or other forms of media which people use as diversion from real life. Still, I find it shocking that the AVERAGE number of hours people watch TV each week is 19, for "happier" people and 25 for unhappy people! That is almost 3 hours a day! So if you watch almost 4 hours of television a day and cut back to 3 you are likely be more more happy. Imagine how happy you could be if you didn't watch any!

This shows that we are all made for community and relationships with other people. It is necessary for a healthy and fruitful life. Few of us are truly not "a people person." We are all people people, personalities describe only the quantity and depth of friends you can handle. Some of us like a lot of friendships in small doses and others of us like a few friendships but in large doses.

Jesus came so we can live life to the fullest, John 10:10.

P.S. I think I watch 3 hours a week... about the amount of time for Bronco game. I am very happy, except for when they lose.


paul said...

So how do you connect with unhappy people who spend their non-working hours at home watching t.v.?

clb said...

You have to be ON tv.

paul said...

I don't think we could swing being on t.v., but youtube might be a close alternative. :)

Seriously, I think that is something to consider. Last night I was talking about this with Arun, and I think the key, at least for me, is to just try some different things rather than worrying about whether it is creepy or won't work or whatever. It seems to add some motivation to think that many people are probably sitting at home zoned out in front of the t.v. wishing (even if subconsciously) that they had something better to do.

clb said...

Does someone have a video camera? Get started!